Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom

Today I'm celebrating my mom's birthday with a smile in my heart. I love my mom and miss her so much every day but today I was remembering all the things she loved about life. She worked very hard all her life but she also had fun! She had a great sense of humor and was always teasing and joking around with us, especially with my dad.

She loved to travel, her favorite place was Hawaii. She used to dance marathons and would always be a finalist. She was a top roller skater and taught our whole Brownie troop how to dance on skates.
She was a bowler and loved to go to the tournaments.  Mom loved fishing and she would pull on the waders and start off down stream with a thermos of coffee and some snacks.  Daddy and her had a deal that whoever got back to the car first would honk the horn and the other would come back to meet up. A big part of her life was teaching ceramics. One summer in about 1976 we took a trip to California and she found a mold of a miniature pot bellied stove ( and quite  a few other things) and she had the trunk of the car loaded up before my dad had a chance to protest. And finally, she is the only person I know that could convince my dad to wear an ALOHA shirt!