Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Flora Rosa Louise (Loy) Dunn Childhood Years

Our mother was born August 14, 1918 in Denver County Hospital in Denver Colorado. At that time and through the time that my brother was born, she was one of the largest babies born in the hospital and the hospital put an engraved plaque over the door of the maternity ward with her name and birth information on it. Mom did not know about that until she saw the plaque when she was in the ward having my brother! It was a real shock to her but she had a lot of fun with it.

Her parents were Andrew Jackson Loy and Clara Jones Loy both from Bartholomew County Indiana. She had an older sister Lila and 3 older brothers, Brock, Brandt and Herman. Her parents were living in Otis Colorado where they had settled after homesteading for a short time in the county. Her father was a businessman in the community and owned a general store, tire store and a tin shop. She had fond memories of her childhood before her father passed away. Her father was in the city band and there were always occasions to get together with the neighbors in the lot next to their home. She also remembered that her family hosted a big fourth of July party for the town every year and it was always very exciting. She thought that was why she always enjoyed seeing the fireworks so much.

She had a very close knit family and was close with her sisters Lila and Clara as well as her brothers. Her favorite study in school was reading and her favorite sport was Basketball. Since she grew to over 6 foot tall, it gave her an advantage. She loved dancing as well and would go with her brothers on the weekend to the county dances. Many times the dances were marathons which she particularly enjoyed. She always said she danced late into the night until she was exhausted.

When she was 18 she met our father Maynard Charles Dunn and they eloped with another couple to Alliance Nebraska on a cold December 30th, 1936.