Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Maynard and Louise Dunn's 79th Anniversary December 30th 2015

Sometime around the age of 10-11, when little girls used to start wanting to know all about the wedding of their parents, I broached the question to my Mom. We were on the way home from Sterling Colorado on a Sunday afternoon. We used to go from Fort Collins to Sterling on Sundays so we could have dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Dunn. I remember that we had just passed the big hill coming in on Highway 14 where you could first see the lights of Fort Collins. We were in the old Buick and I was leaning over the seat from the back, right between my mom and dad. I asked my mom what her wedding dress looked like.

 She didn't hesitate she said, "it was a house dress".  A house dress? "Was it white?" I asked. "Noooo, it was probably blue and white" she said.  "WHY!!" I asked.   "Because we were married by the Justice of the peace." she explained. I just didn't understand.

Then she explained that they had eloped with their friends after Christmas. The four of them took off and drove over the border, to Binkelman, Nebraska, on December 30th 1936 and got married. Well, that was pretty exciting!! I didn't get the dress but I did get a great story about my parents eloping in the "olden days", very romantic indeed!