Sunday, June 17, 2012

God Bless My Dad

I have always been a "Daddy's girl. I don't mean a daddy's girl in the sense of being a little princess in frilly dresses and well kept curls, but a girl that was always tagging around with my daddy. He wasn't like the TV dads and he never called me kitten or princess, as a matter of fact he called me mutt! Maybe that was because I always wanted to be under his feet, but he said it was because I had a "pug" nose.

My dad, taught me so many things by example throughout my life;  how to be honest and fair, the importance of family, and taking care of one another, and how to respect my elders. The most important thing he gave me was the confidence to believe there was nothing I couldn't do, be or fix, if I set my mind to it.  From the time I was small, he let me help with the garden, the carpentry work and working on cars, even if it was only learning how to find the right tools and hand them to him.  We dug fish worms, caught night crawlers and patched fishing waders. When I was too little to fish, I rode on his shoulders on top of his WWII army pack while he fly fished the Colorado streams. When I was old enough he taught me to fish and clean trout. He always talked to me like I was an equal and not a kid and we had a great time "visiting". 

Our Dad, was not a perfect person but I can see so much of the love he gave us in the individuals my brother's and I became.His showed his love for our mom everyday and even more so as they grew old together. I am proud to be his daughter and I love seeing him in my nephews and in my children and grandchildren.

We love and miss you dad and grandpa.

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