Saturday, October 1, 2016

October is Here and it's Pumpkin time!

The hardest part about blogging is picking up again after being offline for a long time. I'm glad to be back up and running so we can continue our family story.

Recently I added several more family members to this Blog Family, and would like to welcome them to the group. Andy Dunn and Holly, Jay Dunn and Alek, Bonnie Dunn and Barbara Hall.

I love fall and the "pumpkin season" . I can't wait to start on pumpkin pies and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  As far as I know, my daughter Sandi is the current "Pumpkin Spice Queen",  If we have any other pumpkin lovers in the family please speak up and share your favorites,   Recipes are also welcome!     

This month I will be posting pics and stories about fall and Halloween so please send me downloads so I can add them for you.

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