Monday, September 7, 2009

Sept. 7, Sandi's Birthday

Happy birthday Sandi,
I wanted to share some memories about the day you were born. You came into the world a few weeks early due to a car accident we were in the week before you were born. The accident was in Wyoming so as soon as we got back to Fort Collins I went to emergency AND our family chiropractor. The chiropractor told us to expect you along anytime. Exactly a week later, Cliff was at work and I was at home at the trailer having a "stomach ache". When mom and dad stopped by after visiting Lon, mom let me know I was in labor and we headed to good old Poudre Valley Memorial hospital. The labor room was quite a bit different back then, mom and Cliff traded off staying with me while I hallucinated through the inducement meds. I kept thinking there was a worm crawling down a long hall and there was a lion at the end. I guess I kept yelling for people not to let the lion eat the worm. After all the excitement, Sandi was born and she was just a tiny little thing, not much over 5 pounds. None of the little clothes we had would fit so grandma went on the hunt for doll clothes. After that, she was always grandma's "little dolly".

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