Thursday, December 24, 2015

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories December 24, 2015 - Christmas Stories

There are so many beautiful Christmas stories that we have enjoyed over the years but my favorite story has always been "The Littlest Angel" written Tazewell Illustrated by Sergio Leone.  I was Given a copy in 1963. It is tattered and worn now but I still get teary eyed when I remember the story.

The little Angel has such a wonderful journey searching for a perfect gift for the Savior. But he feels humble and unable to give a beautiful gift.

So he gathers all of his dearest possessions and places them in a small rough box and offers it up as his lowly gift among all the other treasures. He knew it was ugly and he felt it was worthless. He wanted to snatch it up and hide it from the sight of God. But it was too late! "The hand of God moved slowly over all that bright array of shining gifts,
then paused,

then dropped,

and came to rest on the lowly gift of the Littlest Angel" (cue tears!)
"And the Voice of God Spoke, saying, ""Of all the gifts of all the Angels, I feel this small box pleases Me most. It's contents are of the Earth and of men, and My Son, too, will know and love and cherish and then, regretful, will leave behind him when His task is done. I accept this gift in the name of the Child. Jesus. born of Mary this night in Bethlehem.""
And it became The Star of Bethlehem.
If you have never read this beautiful story, please do,

Merry Christmas to all and a Blessed new your from our home to yours.

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