Thursday, December 2, 2010

Advent Calendar for Christmas-Holiday Trees

I wanted to blog using this very neat Advent Idea Calendar for my first Christmas of blogging.
I grew up in Colorado so there was never a shortage of available Christmas trees and all of them were very beautiful. The only problem was, every year when we brought the tree home I became sick and was sick all through the holiday until the tree was disposed of. Eventually, my parents discovered I had pine allergies. There was only one type of tree I wasn't allergic to so for a few years, we tried to get that type of tree. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, the type of tree was forgotten and the cycle started over. About the time I was in 3rd grade, a new type of tree showed up in the house. It was of an alien species....Aluminum! It even came with accessories, a COLOR wheel. For those of you not familiar with this retro phenom, the tree had sparse shiny silver branches. The wheel had a high powered spot light with a plastic waffle type disc attached with red, yellow, green and blue sections. When the wheel was set up pointed towards the tree, the tree magically lit up with the colors in sequence as it rotated. I was fascinated by it and spend endless hours going back and forth from inside to out to see the colors changed. This tree lasted several years as a tradition until the color wheel bulb burned out. When my parents found out how much the bulb was, out went the tree (the branches made great magic wands) and we went back to what I lovingly refer to as tree roulette. In the past few years, I think the tree has made a comeback. Hmmm....wonder how much thee light bulb costs now??????

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  1. Growing up in Colorado - I'm jealous already ;-) It's my favorite place to be!

    My grandparents had the tree with the color wheel when I was growing up. I loved to watch it too. I posted a picture of the color wheel that I found on Amazon - amazingly you can still buy them. (not new but they are still out there)