Monday, December 20, 2010

Advent Christmas Calendar-Religious Services

We did not really attend services as a family when I was growing up. My parents had never decided which church we should go to. My father and his family were Methodists and my mother was christened Lutheran. From time to time friends or relatives would take me to church with them so I attended lots of different services. I remember very clearly that no matter where we were worshiping I felt overwhelmed with love for the Savior, I was also touched by the music. The times I attended on Christmas were very special to me.

When my oldest daughter Sandi was almost 4 months old, my mom and I attended midnight services at the neighborhood church. It was cold and snowy Colorado night and it was a beautiful sight walking in the snow up to the old stately church. My mom was carrying Sandi in the popular baby carrier at the time, it was hard plastic, with a metal frame. The baby was bundled up tightly and when we were almost to the door, my mom slipped and fell on the ice and the carrier went flying across the ice and snow. I was so frantic and praying both mom and the baby were alright, that I don't even remember which one I got to first. When I picked up my baby, she was still sleeping and bundled up nice and warm however, my mom was a little worse for the ware. We were helped into the church by onlookers and settled into the pew. The church was so beautiful and the spirit was so strong, that when the services started, my mom and I were both already crying. We were filled with love for the Savior and each other, and thankfulness that we had just experienced our own small miracle. It was an unforgettable Christmas service.

Now that I have found my own church family, Christmas services are always very special. I love knowing that I am surrounded by others who share the love of Christ. I'm always brought to tears by the choir and the special part the children play in the services. I always feel very blessed to have the life and family I have. And most of all, because of my faith, I know why I am here.

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