Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Advent Christmas Calendar-Cookies!!!

My dad credits the fact that he was the youngest child for his love of baking. He often talked about how he loved being in the kitchen with his mom while she baked. He always wanted to help especially when the cookies were being made.

My first and lasting memories of these cookies were of a colorful tin with wax paper lining and stacks of beautiful, soft, yummy cookies that never lasted long enough to dry out.

When we made them at our house, the dough was cut using old silver tin cookie cutters shaped like stars, trees, wreaths, bells and Santas.

I loved to put the silver balls on the wreaths and trees, and decorate the rest of the cookies with bright frosting and sprinkles.

When my brothers and I had children, they joined in as well.

Now it has come full circle and my grandchildren decorate and frost the cookies. We still use that treasured recipe...and keep the tradition going.

*Thank you Veer Images for the cookie pics.

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