Saturday, December 25, 2010

Advent Christmas Calendar-Dec 23-Christmas and Sweethearts

I love this topic. My parents were sweethearts all through the year, but since they got married a few days after Christmas, it always seemed like the holidays were extra special for them. As I explained in an earlier post, they eloped on December 30th. My dad, Maynard would always give my mom a little squeeze and giver her a "little sugar" with a wink of course. He was always making sure to bring flowers from the garden throughout the year and potted plants and candy during the Christmas season. Then, there were the cards, he would buy the most beautiful cards for mom and proclaim his love inside, carefully writing the year in the corner. Throughout the years the cards were saved and they always make me cry when I read his sincere words of love to his eternal sweetheart. Through my whole life I felt very fortunate to always know how much my parents loved one another.

For the last 14 years I have been blessed with my own sweetheart. Like my father, my husband, Steve, carefully chooses his cards to me to express just the right feelings. He tells me everyday how much he loves and cherishes me, and I always know how much I am loved. I try my best to let him know how much I treasure him as well. If I succeed half as much as he does, he knows how loved he is, I'm a very lucky woman.

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