Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Advent Christmas Calendar-Fruitcake Friend or Foe

I had to reach out to my brother Willie for this post because he had at least 12 more years of fruitcake history than I did.

He says that no matter how strange it seems, the fruitcakes DID get eaten, but they were usually last because they were hidden away. I still couldn't understand why they wanted to eat them but he let me in on a few secrets. First of all, they can have absolutely anything in them and you never knew what you were eating. Second, they often came soaked with alcohol and according to him that is the root of a LOT of alcohol issues in the world. The third thing was that they were aged over a year or two so if you were able to survive eating it with your teeth still in tact you were a star! The fourth was that you could find it stashed in the house all times during the year and in a sugar emergency or, in his case, an emergency where he was looking for any old thing to eat, he could be sure that he could find it somewhere.

In later years when the grandkids were little, mom started making gumdrop fruit cakes and those were a little more popular. So I guess for us the vote is Fruitcake vote is split - 1 for friend and one for foe.

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