Friday, December 10, 2010

Advent Christmas Calendar-Christmas Gifts

My mother was quite a seamstress and she made clothes for my brothers, Doug, Willard and myself. She also made quilts, pillowcases, aprons and embroidered or crochet trim on them as well. Usually at Christmas we would have hand made gifts of warm clothing. However, sometimes she made some smaller clothing wardrobes (for my dolls). This brings me to a special Christmas's that involved a creative solution to difficult choice.

I was probably about four when I had my heart set on a doll for Christmas. I could not make the painful decision between a bride doll or a ballerina! At this age, these were life changing decisions. It was made very clear to me that IF I was lucky enough to get a doll, it would definitely be ONE doll, not two and that would be the only toy. I was so torn, I could never decide which one I wanted I thought I probably not get a doll at all.

On Christmas eve, my fear's were confirmed, no doll. I was sooooo disappointed. My brother assured me that as he told me before....there was a fat chance of getting that doll. On Christmas morning I had a big surprise. Santa had enlisted the help of some secret helpers, one who had made sure that there was a ballerina doll with my name on it, and the other who made a beautiful wedding gown with a lovely soft turquoise coat and beautiful shoes and earrings. The hand made clothing was my mom's doing of course, since Santa did not have time to sew such a delicate item. I was overjoyed and so glad that I got the best of both worlds, a women ahead of her time, my Bride Doll was also a professional ballerina, what more could you ask for??

This beautiful doll is still in my collection, and I remember that Christmas every year.


  1. What a great story - especially the wonderful solution to your difficult choice.

  2. Your mother was a wise and creative woman to give you a special Christmas.

  3. Grandma, you have so many wonderful stories to tell. I learn so much each time I talk to you. I'm always amazed that you have new wonderful stories to share with me about our great family.

  4. Thank you Natasha, this is a very nice way to share.

  5. Thank you Linda and Greta, my mother was amazing and I miss her very much but I always feel she's with us.