Sunday, December 5, 2010

Advent Christmas Calendar-Outdoor Decorations

I don't remember our family decorating the out side of the house until my parents were able to purchase their own home. The home was in a small development on the edge of town and it consisted of one small street. Everyone on both sides of the street decorated their homes and yards. So, the first Christmas in the the new house, my mom purchased a set of flat crinkly plastic Santa and Reindeer decorations for my dad to put on the roof. They were bright and cheery and I think they all had a Rudolph nose! They made you smile just looking at them, however, I don't think my dad was smiling when he was climbing the roof to put them up!

To go with the figures, mom bought a Santa door panel for outside and lights for the roof and trees. After that, they decorated outside wherever they lived. A few years ago, after my dad passed away, we lost track of Santa and the reindeer, I didn't give it much thought until my daughter asked to use them for her home and was sad that her kids would not get to enjoy them while they were growing up. I have looked many places trying to find another set but I haven't ever seen any like them, they were unique.

Maybe my family can add some comments about what they liked best about Santa and Reindeer?

Until tomorrow, make sure your Santa and Reindeer stay on the roof!

Mary Ellen


  1. Aha! I can't believe we have a reindeer sighting! Please take a picture of it!!!