Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Advent Calander-Grab Bag-Day 17 - Our Grandchildren's memories

I wanted to give my family a chance to add their Christmas memories here. So, as this post develops, some of our grandchildren will post their own thoughts.

TAYTUM: Age 6.My favorite time is when we walk in and see the presents. My favorite gift is my pet shop stuff and my eye pet.

JAYDEN: Age 9. My favorite about Christmas is celebrating Christ's birthday and opening presents.
My favorite presents are being alive,getting a ps3,MADDEN11,WII,and a webkinz.

JAZMINE:AGE 9. My favorite thing about christmas is that i get to open presents and spend time with my family and see them happy.

My favorite gifts are....getting a DS,and the movie hair spray. That was my favorite gifts and my favorite thing about chrismas.

HIKARU: Age 17. During our 2009 Christmas I had received an enormous box. I got so excited I could not stop thinking about all of the huge things that could be in this box. I ripped open the box and looked in side.

All that i could see was layers upon layers of newspapers. I had hoped there was still something big in the box but as I started unraveling the papers i was at the bottom of the box with little to no paper remaining. I removed the last of the paper and saw the IPOD I had asked for with the capability to record. It was like love at first sight. I never went anywhere without my IPOD in hand.

JOSH: (I'm still thinking...)

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  1. I really enjoy spending time with the family and focusing on the love of Christ and all that he has given us. I love the spirit that surrounds us around this time of year. I also love how beautiful my decorations look in my house. I think my parents did a great job at making sure our Christmases were amazing.

    I really loved the year we got our Furbys. We had opened all the gifts and then out of no where my parents brought out two gifts. We were jumping up and down screaming when we opened the packages. That was pretty awesome.